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Yesterday was a busy day. It started, as usual, with Moochie racing into the bedroom, leaping on the bed and frantically crying for food. Not that he doesn't get three meals a day, plus snacks, but it's all part of his routine. We got up, fed the Mooch and performed our own ablutions. Then it was off the Redlands, to see our tax accountant. Our taxes this year are especially complex, due to our lost rent, tenant eviction, house sale, etc. The good news is our CPA used to work for the IRS, so she promises to do all she can to minimize our tax liability, particulary the capital gains tax on the sale of our house.

Then back home for a bit. The pool is still a bit chilly, so we're heating it a little, but it wasn't quite comfortable for a swim, so we napped instead. The off to dinner at a Catalonian/Mediterranean restaurant in Rancho Mirage with our friends Rich and Mike. Steve ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1) and I both had the artichoke stuffed with garlic shrimp and the house paella. It was OK, but not the best paella I've ever had. The place was pretty, though.

Then off to the theater--the Desert Rose Playhouse, also in RM. It's an LGBT theater troupe, and the play we saw was entitled "Cock." It was a very minimalist production, with no scenery or props, and only four actors. It consisted of a gay couple having trouble with their relationship. One partner meets a woman, who pretty much seduces him, and he becomes very confused about who he is. He can't just define himself as bisexual for various reasons, and it becomes an emotional tug of war between him, his male partner, and his female lover, with the partner's father thrown in to try to mediate. It was rather emotionally draining, with virtually no comic relief, and the lack of scenery or props (in essentially a black box theater in the round) gave no place for the mind to wander. But we all did talk about it for an hour afterwards, so I guess it was provocative.
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