Aug. 31st, 2014 04:57 pm
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Beautiful day in the desert today--109 right now at 5 pm. Just got out of the pool and relaxing before making dinner. Tonight, a paleo beef stir-fry on cauliflower rice. Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!


Aug. 19th, 2014 11:00 am
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Here's a thought--with marriage equality spreading throughout the nation, conservative religious groups are getting louder about their rights being assailed by the "redefinition" of marriage from their standard of one man-one woman. Since their numbers are shrinking rapidly, and marriage equality will be nationwide before long, perhaps they should come up with a new name for their version. How about one that already exists--Holy Matrimony? (or just Matrimony). That conveys the religious nature of their union, without conflicting with the legal definition of marriage that is being expanded to include same-sex couples. They can also get a legal marriage if they want the government benefits, or not if they want to remain pure to their faith.
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imageSo far got three gifties: two Spirographs and a one-year gym membership.
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Had an appointment with my doctor yesterday to go over my latest labs. My PCP was called away, so I saw one of his associates. Things are going pretty well--A1C is down to 6.9, and BG seems to be under control. But my blood pressure has been running a bit high (I check it most mornings) so we added another BP med. My cholesterol levels are creeping up too, for the first time in my life, so I'm also starting a statin med (Lipitor). I now have graduated to two pill organizers--one for AM, one for PM.

For dinner I made jambalaya and blackened Brussels sprouts. I used brown rice, so the whole thing was pretty good diet-wise. Lots of vegetables.
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So now that more and more of my old friends are returning to Live Journal, I thought I'd make a post (after 9 months). I do read LJ almost every day, and I comment, but have been posting far less since Facebook. That's going to change.

Steve and I returned last week from a two-week vacation in the Pacific Northwaet. We visited friends and family in San Francisco, Portland, Salem, Seattle, and Olympia, and made a side trip to Mt. St. Helens.

I have been on a four-week sabbatical from work, returning yesterday. There is change afoot--my company is relocating the rest of its technology workers to Denver and Austin in the next couple of years, stating this fall. Since I telecommute full-time, it shouldn't make a difference for me. But because I could be recalled to the home office at any time, the company has to offer me the option of moving or leaving with a severance package. Guess which one I'll choose?

Medically things have changed a bit. Along with high blood pressure and arthritis, I now have glaucoma and type 2 diabetes. Thanks middle age! Actually, both new conditions are very managable, and I have some great doctors. And my sister-in-law Leslie is a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator, so she has been a great help and comfort.

Family is doing well back East. My grandniece Mandy is starting college in the fall. Hard to believe time has flown so quickly. I now have 11 grandnieces and grandnephews. I do miss seeing them grow up.

Life continues peacefully here in Palm Springs, with many good friends and Steve ([ profile] rootbeer1), of course.
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I was never a fan of Apple computer products. My profession as a programmer/software engineer always involved Windows PC and servers, and Unix boxes. Apple computers were in my view toylike, catering to the non-technical crowd. But I really resented the arrogant advertising Apple did, implying their products were so much better, hip and cool. Of course, they were way more expensive too.

Then I got my first iPod, as a birthday gift from my husband. It was a 20GB model, and he preloaded it with romantic music. My first Apple. And I loved it. Brought it with me everywhere. Listened to it every day at work. My only complaint was that it wasn't big enough to hold all the music i wanted with me. So I upgraded to a 160GM model, which I still have and use almost every day. It's loaded will virtually all my music, audio books, and a lot of my favorite movies and TV shows. Whenever I travel I can be assured of not being bored.

Ah, the slippery slope. In 2009, after our crappy Motorola Razr phones started to die, we needed to upgrade quickly. We both got iPhones - 3GS. After years of hating my phone and seldom even turning it on, I had a new best friend. It was a computer in my pocket! Last year we upgraded to iPhone 5. Still our constant companions, and tools that make our lives easier to manage, and help us communicate much more with our friends and family. And play Words With Friends.

So now, in the interest of furthering my skills as a software engineer and developer, I have purchased my first actual Apple computer. Since OSX is basically a Unix flavor, I'll be very comfortable with going under the hood. It's a Mac Mini, Intel dual quad-core i7s, 16GB memory, 1TB hard drive. Should be sufficient for now. It arrives tomorrow, will take up very little space on my techno-crowded desktop, and can share the monitor with my existing desktop PC. Objective C, here I come!

Hello again

Oct. 4th, 2013 10:38 am
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I haven't posted here in such a long time---too much attention to facebook, I guess. But I do read Live Journal every day, and I'm hoping to post here more frequently.

In the meantime, life goes on. I live and work in Palm Springs full-time, and Steve still commutes back to San Francisco every other week. Loving life in the desert, the slower pace, the sunshine, swimming pools, movie stars. And so many friends, living here or moving here or visiting. Plenty of social life, and time for relaxing and contemplating one's navel.

Ciao for niao...
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So far very relaxing. Actually I took Thursday and Friday off, as I was reaching my max vacation time and needed to use it or lose it. Drove out Thursday to visit our dear friends Reid ([ profile] animbear) and Richard ([ profile] redbeardedblond) in San Clemente. Went to Curry House for lunch for the first time---I'm in love with it. Japanese curry, so incredibly delicious. Then to a huge Japanese supermarket, where we got amongst other delights Miso Easy, miso paste you can squirt into a cup of chicken broth for instant miso soup. Back to the house to watch numerous videos on the boys' fabulous 3D TV, then out for burgers, then back and to sleep. Next day, off to the Lego store. I bought an awesome toy that I've been coveting for quite a while---will post pics when it's all assembled. Mongolian BBQ for lunch, then we tearfully parted and drove home, with promises from R&R to visit soon.

Lazy day today, with pool and spa time, beanie weenie for dinner, and a Big Bang Theory marathon. Tomorrow--dinner with our other dear and fabulous friends John and Frank ([ profile] sunbeam_bears). We are geeks and proud of it!
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Not too much----working away here in the desert. The massive platform migration I've been working on for the past two years finally went live a few weeks ago, and was pretty much a resounding success, even though we were faced with staff reductions, budget cuts, reorganization, and a host of other obstacles. On to new challanges!

Today Steve ([ profile] rootbeer1) returns to Palm Springs for the rest of the month. We commun icate every day of course, but I've missed him terribly. He gets a nice rest, punctuated by finishing up the unpacking and waiting on me hand and foot. The weather has been lovely---in the 90s The pool is about 80 without heat, so I've been jumping in.
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I know, I know---it's been a while since I've actually posted, but I read Live Journal every day and comment quite often. I want to start posting more, as lots of old friends are returning to LJ from Facebook or Twitter or other venues. I'm on Facebook too, but it's just not the same, and I miss a lot of posts there because they come and go so quickly.

Things are going well with Steve ([ profile] rootbeer1) and me. We've officially changed our residence to Palm Springs, and I'm living and working here full time. Steve is still working in San Francisco, but his schedule allows him to work 5 long days, then have 9 days off, so he's down here as much as possible. He's been using some of his time off to coordinate prepping our house for rental. To date we have redone 2 of the 3 bathrooms, painted, made repairs and replaced all the carpeting, as well as cleaned up the landscaping and disposed of all the leftover furniture. We still have a few carloads of stuff in the carage, but that will be gone in time for our new tenants.

We've hired a great property manager. The rental market in SF is extremely tight right now, so we already have several potential tenants in the works, and should be renting within the next few weeks. Then we can recover some of the upgrade costs and do a few projects around the PS house.

We've had lots of houseguests this spring, for vacations, the Coachella music festival, and a couple of overnights by friends passing through. We've been spending time with our friends here too, and look forward to even more quality time. We have several family visits coming up, including my 16-year old grand niece Mandy in August. She will be the first member of my family to visit since we moved to California 15 years ago. Steve's family, on the other hand, are here all the time. His brother David and wife Andrea will be here in the fall, but they live the closest to us (in Tuscon) so we see them the most often.

I've found a great new primary care physician in Palm Springs, looking for an ophthamologist and dentist, am registered to vote here, joined the gym, so pretty much all settled in. Loving the warmth and sunshine and relaxed pace, and the proximity of so many good friends.


Feb. 10th, 2012 08:51 am
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San Francisco, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Anaheim, CA
Miami Beach, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Melbourne, FL
Orlando, FL
The Ruby Princess, the Caribbean Sea
Orient Beach, St. Martin
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  • Started spending more and more time in Palm Springs.

  • Completed six months of Coumadin therapy following last year's pulmonary embolisms. Clean bill of health.

  • Became an official full-time telecommuter.

  • Had Steve's siblings visit--went to Disneyland for two days.

  • Houseguests too numerous to list. Lots of pool time.

  • Steve and Tim from Wales visit us in SF. G&Ts!!!

  • Decided to move to Palm Springs full-time and rent out San Francisco house.

  • Vacationed in Florida. Saw Steve's dad and his wife, Disney World, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach and the Chumley Bear Cruise to the Eastern Caribbean.

  • Reid, Richard and Ray out for Thanksgiving.

  • Steve published his second cookbook, this one an in-house for his employer.

  • Moving van in December for the rest of our furniture.

  • More and more friends moving to PS too. Loving the sunshine and warmth and friendliness.

  • Happy New Year everyone!!!

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I know, it's been a long time. But I read LJ every day and am keeping up with you all, and hope to start posting more like in the olden days.

I've been telecommuting full-time from Palm Springs for the last six months or so, with a few week-long visits back to San Francisco. Steve ([ profile] rootbeer1) has been working for Virgin America at SFO, but his schedule is flexible enough that we can spend every few weeks together. Now that VA is beginning service to PSP, his commute will be much easier and perhaps he can transfer down here at some point. Eventually we'll both be here full-time, one way or another.

We've had a number of lovely houseguests. We just returned this week from a two-week vacation in Florida. We visited Steve's dad and his wife, went to the Disney World Magic Kingdom, and hung out for a few days at the Coconut Cove guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale (which we very highly recommend), then went on the Chumley's BearCruise on the Ruby Princess, to the East Caribbean. We stopped at Princess Cay, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Grand Turk. We had never been to the Caribbean islands before, and it was lovely, although way more humid than I am used to now. Many old friends were also on the cruise, and we made many new ones. Steve will soon post pictures and the full list of LJers, I'm sure. Came home with a darker tan and a nasty cold.

Back home Palm Springs. I officially changed my residence today, and Steve will in the near future and we continue to move fully down here. We plan to rent out our San Francisco house for the time being, and live and work in the sun. So many of our best friends now either live here or are in the same process of relocation. It seems to go: --visit Palm Springs---visit more often--start going to open houses--buy a vacation home--spend more time at the vacation home---decide "Why don't we just live here all the time?" And here we are. We're the Golden Girls!!
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Today is the 17th anniversary of Steve ([ profile] rootbeer1) and I meeting in person for the first time.
Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of our marriage in the State of California.
We were in our 30s when we met. We're now in our 50s.
We have been together for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.
We have cared for each others' families, for our friends, and for each other.
We have laughed, cried, danced, slept, traveled, exercised, and shared our deepest secrets.
We have cooked, entertained, built households, worked, and grown together.

I never thought I would have such a life.

I love you, Bear.
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Baking banana bread..the house smells like heaven. Houseguests coming tomorrow, and [ profile] rootbeer1 on Sunday. Life is good.


Jul. 31st, 2011 06:39 pm
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Nothing makes a house smell more like home than a meatloaf and potatoes baking in the oven. That is all.


Jul. 31st, 2011 06:39 pm
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Nothing makes a house smell more like home than a meatloaf and potatoes baking in the oven. That is all.
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