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Hi all--decided like many to totally abandon Live Journal since the latest Russian directives. Not worth supporting. I'll keep the account up for a while since it's a permanent account and paid for, but going to stop checking it. Hopefully the friends on LJ that I still read will follow, or at least think about cross-posting. I'm now at Dreamwidth as qbear.
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Hi all--decided like many to totally abandon Live Journal since the latest Russian directives. Not worth supporting. I'll keep the account up for a while since it's a permanent account and paid for, but going to stop checking it. Hopefully the friends on LJ that I still read will follow, or at least think about cross-posting here.

Life is good--Steve is retired, I'm back to work, and we are now parents of two delightful kitties.

Moochie and Maxie


Aug. 7th, 2016 10:50 am
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Thanks to everyone who came to our pool party yesterday, which was also a surprise birthday party for me!! Everyone was so great, and I hope all had a great time. We had about 70 guests--the largest party I remember us ever throwing. We grilled many sausages, made my mother's baked beans and potato salad, and folks brought so much other food. And the weather was perfect--a nice dry 106 and the pool at 88.
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We so rarely go out to the movies anymore. They are so expensive (even with our senior discounts) and we have a great home theater system, so often we just wait for the DVD or Netflix. And we can make our own refreshments, pause for restroom breaks, talk, and replay scenes. But we went out Thursday with our friend Rich to see Star Trek: Beyond in IMAX 3D. It was really good, I thought--incredible action and CGI, but also great character development and interplay. One of the better reboots.

Today we saw the Absolutely Fabulous movie in a regular theater, again with Rich. Steve ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1) and I have always been big fans of the television series, and the film did not disappoint. Virtually every character was there, with the original actors, plus a huge number of cameos from show business and the fashion world. The spirit of the original was very strongly in force, and there were so many LOL moments. Four thumbs up for both movies.

Tonight, an evening pool party to celebrate our friend Mike's 50th birthday. it's 99 degrees outside right now, and strangely humid. Also, a haboob (desert sandstorm) came through last night, and the sky is still kind of hazy. The pool will feel good, and many friends will be there.
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Just got back from my nurse appointment and gave myself my first testosterone injection. Easy peasy. Currently using Androgel, which is applied daily and has risen in cost to $450 a month after insurance. The injected version is once a week, and a 22-week supply is $44. This was a no-brainer, and the needle is so thin you don't feel it at all.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. And Steve ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1) is here till Friday, so that's nice.

To do list

Jul. 18th, 2016 10:42 am
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This is my list of things to do today (besides work):

● Reschedule eye doctor appointments
● Schedule meeting with financial advisor
● Schedule sleep study
● Schedule bariactric doctor appointment
● Schedule visit with nurse to learn how to inject testosterone shots
● Get garage door opener fixed
● Take out the garbage
● Feed the cat and clean his litter box

My lunch hour will be busy.
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The neighbors are having a party with a mariachi band. I'm enjoying listening to it as a I lounge on my bed.
In other news, I had a great session with my primary doctor yesterday. My labs were all great, diabetes under control. Two new things-- switching from testosterone gel to injections-- much less expensive and hopefully more effective ‪#‎manopause‬. And albuterol for my occasional asthma symptoms. Also, a new sleep study and an appointment with Dr. Bobby, the premiere bariatric surgeon in Southern California, to discuss options. Want to get the diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis under better control. But otherwise in good health.

I'm determined to post here more. Let's have a Live Journal revival!


May. 16th, 2016 01:38 pm
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For the first time in two years Steve and I are taking an actual vacation. I'm flying up to San Francisco in a couple of hours, and on Wednesday we are flying to Honolulu. Two days on Oahu, then a seven-day cruise around the islands. Neither of us have ever been to Hawaii, and for Steve it's his 50th state.

I'm excited about:

warm ocean to swim in
Kona coffee
going to a luau
spending time with our friends
seeing the southern stars we can't see from California
lots of rest
fabulous seafood
fruity cocktails

Our dear friends Ken and Rich are housesitting and minding Moochie for us. Hopefully all my recent stress will melt away.

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Well, that was a short retirement. I just accepted a full-time job offer as software engineer at Wells Fargo. The position was so perfect for me, I just couldn't say no.
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Perfect Palm Springs day--clear blue sky, 90 degrees and 6% humidity. Breakfast with the house guests, then afternoon in the pool. Taking a break, then cocktails, dinner, and more evening pool time.

Productive week. Got the taxes done, the pool pump working, and I have a job interview tomorrow. We shall see...
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For the last couple of months, the pump for our swimming pool has been intermittently malfunctioning. When the timer clicks over, instead of the pump starting up, there is a loud buzzing sound for about 3 seconds, then nothing. A minute later the same thing happens. Sometimes after four or five tries, it catches and the pump starts, but not always. I have to go out and manually turn off the timer to make it stop. It's really loud and I don't want to annoy the neighbors, as well as disturb our own sleep (it usually runs at night).

A few weeks ago I called our pool service and asked them to look at it. They sent a guy over. He flicked the power switch on the timer a few times and said, "Sounds like your pump is bad. You need a new one." Now, we replaced the original pump about three years ago at a cost of $1200, and I would think it should last longer than three years. Or that they would offer to try to repair it. Nope, need a new pump. Oh, by the way, the guy said, I can get you a used one for $400 and install it for you, on my own (wink wink). I said I'd think about it.

After a few weeks of it sort of working most of the time, today it started buzzing about 3:00PM. It wouldn't stop. I manually reset the timer to shut it up, then did what I should have long ago--Googled "pool pump buzz." I got a lot of hits, including this video which exactly describes what's happening:


I turned off the breaker to the pump and removed the capacitor exactly as shown in the video. Went on Amazon and found the same one for $12.50 with free shipping. It will be here in two days. It will take all of 5 minutes to replace.

Assuming this works, and I'm sure it will, I've just saved $1187.50. If it does work, I plan to contact my pool service and let them know I don't appreciate being taken for a ride. I will also contact Lucy's Pools, and thank them for the tip.


Apr. 5th, 2016 03:40 pm
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Cats are very sensitive to environment and routines, and any changes are a little traumatic. But they soon adapt. I'm like a cat in that way. I have my routines, and tend to resist change, but I adapt pretty well.

Our household employment situation is changing. Steve ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1) has worked for Virgin America for over six years now, and loves his job and company. As you may have heard, VA is being purchased by Alaska Air and will no longer exist within a few months to a year. There are several options for Steve, but Alaska doesn't offer the scheduling flexibility he has now, so he will either accept whatever severance is offered, or possible transfer down to Palm Springs. He'll lose seniority, but his schedule can be more normal, as we live 10 minutes from the airport. At any rate, we'll survive.

It's still very early yet, but I may be coming out of retirement. It will change my routine, and certainly Steve's and Moochie's, but like all cats, we'll adapt.
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Life rolls on in retirement at a steady pace. Sunday we had Steve's mother over for Easter dinner:


We watched a little TV and brought Mom home. Steve has been stopping by her apartment frequently to help her with her TV and Wii--she keeps getting confused and turns off things she shouldn't, then calls and says it's broken. We have to make up and extremely detailed and simple instruction sheet on how to work these contraptions.

Tomorrow I have a routine checkup with my ophthalmologist. My glaucoma is responding well to the two different eyedrops I'm taking. We have to monitor my optic nerves to make sure they stay healthy, also a concern because of my diabetes. And I have two very small cataracts, which will require surgery in about ten years or so. Eye eye eye!
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Yesterday was a busy day. It started, as usual, with Moochie racing into the bedroom, leaping on the bed and frantically crying for food. Not that he doesn't get three meals a day, plus snacks, but it's all part of his routine. We got up, fed the Mooch and performed our own ablutions. Then it was off the Redlands, to see our tax accountant. Our taxes this year are especially complex, due to our lost rent, tenant eviction, house sale, etc. The good news is our CPA used to work for the IRS, so she promises to do all she can to minimize our tax liability, particulary the capital gains tax on the sale of our house.

Then back home for a bit. The pool is still a bit chilly, so we're heating it a little, but it wasn't quite comfortable for a swim, so we napped instead. The off to dinner at a Catalonian/Mediterranean restaurant in Rancho Mirage with our friends Rich and Mike. Steve ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1) and I both had the artichoke stuffed with garlic shrimp and the house paella. It was OK, but not the best paella I've ever had. The place was pretty, though.

Then off to the theater--the Desert Rose Playhouse, also in RM. It's an LGBT theater troupe, and the play we saw was entitled "Cock." It was a very minimalist production, with no scenery or props, and only four actors. It consisted of a gay couple having trouble with their relationship. One partner meets a woman, who pretty much seduces him, and he becomes very confused about who he is. He can't just define himself as bisexual for various reasons, and it becomes an emotional tug of war between him, his male partner, and his female lover, with the partner's father thrown in to try to mediate. It was rather emotionally draining, with virtually no comic relief, and the lack of scenery or props (in essentially a black box theater in the round) gave no place for the mind to wander. But we all did talk about it for an hour afterwards, so I guess it was provocative.
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As is my custom, I am watching the nightly MSNBC news trifecta...Hardball with Chris Matthews, All In with Chris Hayes, and The Rachel Maddow Show. Yeah, I'm a big liberal. The current political race is both horrrifing and fascinating. I can't look away. I always have a cocktail at my side as I watch.
Meanwhile, Moochie is napping, the Roomba is doing the vacuuming, and we have two big pans of eggplant Parmesan ready to go in the oven. Simple comforts.

Back again

Mar. 15th, 2016 10:36 am
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It's been almost a year since my last post, but I'm determined to post more and help revive the LJ community I've been a prt of for so many years. Stay tuned for more witty repartee, stunning cat photos, and thrilling travelogues, as well as the excruciating minutiae of our daily lives.
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I read Live Journal every day, as I have for over a decade, but rarely post, as I must keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, and all the others. I figure it must be time for an update.

Retirement is going well--I've been working on household projects, relocating Steve([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1)'s mom to assisted living here in Palm Springs, renovating our rental property and finding new tenants. I'm also learning a few new languages and software apps (Python, Hadoop, AutoCad) and working on becoming fluent in French, then tackling Spanish. Eventually I want to find some contract work that I can do from home--I'm all set up for telecommuting, and have Windows, Apple, and Linux computers.

Healthwise, I've been managing my type 2 diabetes pretty well with medication, diet and exercise. I'm following a paleo/ketogenic diet, which is working slowly but surely. I also had laser surgery recently for my glaucoma, and hopefully can come off those meds.

Another big event was the arrival of our cat Moochie three weeks ago. He's an adorable rescue brown tabby, very affectionate and intelligent. He's about 6 months old, and last week he got his shots, his microchip, and was neutered. He loves people and is so loving. Steve and I have never had a pet together, and we both grew up with lots of cats and dogs, so we're very happy.
That's all for now--Namaste.


Oct. 27th, 2014 02:02 pm
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Today has been very productive, and it's not even 2:00 yet. I awoke at 8 and got the oven going to 400 degrees. Cut up 5 pounds of short ribs, drizzled oil, salt and pepper on them, and threw them in the oven to brown for 20 minutes or so. Cut up a big onion, some celery and carrots, and placed them in the crock pot with whole garlic cloves, thyme, and bay leaves. Added the browned meat, a cup of red wine, and beef broth to almost cover. Eight hours later dinner will be ready.

Then on to my phone calls. Since retiring on September 8th, I've been trying to straighten out our health insurance. I opted to continue our coverage under COBRA, as it actually turned out to be cheaper than ACA plans. But although the medical provider was updated as of October 1, our prescription coverage was not. I had nine prescriptions waiting with no reimbursement, which would have cost over $1000/month. So I got on the horn and finally got it resolved. Just got back from Walgreen's and they actually owed me $45 (I had paid full price for one of my BP meds, which I had run out of).

I then called the Palm Springs Refuse Collectors to ask why the bulk pickup I ordered last week didn't happen this morning. Just as I was navigating the robotic phone tree, the truck pulled up and removed the two toilets from the end of our driveway. We arranged them artfully, but I really didn't want them there long-term. We replaced both of them with low-flow models, the kind with push buttons for number one and number two. Hopefully we'll see a difference in our water bill, and we're doing our part to conserve water in this drought condition.

Oh, and I also made homemade butter pecan ice cream, sweetened with stevia. We have a guest tonight for dinner, so we thoughts we'd go all out. The meal is very lo-carb--short ribs with gravy, cauliflower mash, roasted Brussels sprouts, and the ice cream.

Now time for my nap.
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After 40 years in the workforce, I am officially retired. I plan to do some part-time contract work on projects that interest me, learn new skills, become fluent in French, focus on my health, and spend more time with my family and friends, most especially Steve Freitag ([livejournal.com profile] rootbeer1), my most especial husband. Thanks everyone for all your support and well wishes and encouragement. As Rafiki says in the Lion King, "It is time."


Sep. 5th, 2014 02:17 pm
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Major life changes happening soon---stay tuned.

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